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Foam Party! Highlighting The Benefits of The Hyphen Foam Mattress

Despite being on the market since the mid 1990’s, memory foam still benefits from a notion of newness. Traditional memory foam mattresses were lauded as futuristic and cutting edge. This led to immense popularity and impressive sales numbers (over 1 billion annually). Based on our team’s collective industry experience and research studies what we realized… Read more »

5 Ways To Get A Better Nights Sleep… Tonight

We get it… Americans are tired.  The need for better sleep is real and Hyphen is here to help. Recently the American Sleep Association (ASA) announced some alarming statistical trends developing throughout the United States. Consider just some of the following published data about sleeping troubles: ●     50-70 million US adults have a sleep disorder…. Read more »

Not Created Equal

Going mattress shopping is not always at the top of anyone’s list, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Mattress anatomy and technology varies widely from brand to brand. Between soft or firm, latex or memory foam, and a wide range of price points, purchasing the right mattress is not just about full, queen… Read more »

The Dreaded Fitted Sheet

You know the drill: Every time you wash your sheets, that fitted sheet never ceases to be the bane of your folding existence. It really is a valiant effort – lining up those corners and attempting to press them into squared-off edges before folding it flawlessly into the desired rectangular shape. Unfortunately, that’s not usually… Read more »

Gear Up

As a mattress company, we know how important great sleep and having the right gear is to getting the most our of your workout routine. Just like the right mattress can promote muscle recovery and leave you feeling rested and refreshed every morning, the right workout clothes can give you the tools you need to… Read more »

Join the Republic

Finding a great product or service makes life easier, and it’s often a relief to end the quest for whatever it is you’ve been looking for. When you do finally find something awesome, do you keep it a secret from your family and friends? Of course not! You’ll tell anyone and everyone about a fantastic… Read more »

Summer Running Round Up

Once the snow begins to melt away, everyone is looking towards one thing: summer. Summer means sunshine, fun, and plenty of outdoor activities. It also means a host of mud runs, 5ks and obstacle courses to keep you outside and going strong. Runs and races are a great way to stay in shape, meet new… Read more »

Counting the Hours

We’ve all heard it: the old adage that we need at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night in order to reach optimal functionality during the day. While that may be the case for us to be alert at work during the day and be able to last until a reasonable evening hour… Read more »

Chasing Bliss: The Best Travel Apps for that Last-Minute Adventure

Chasing Bliss - Adventure - Travel Apps

If you’re like the majority, you spend a good amount of time at your desk, daydreaming of your next vacation. When you get stressed out, your knee-jerk reaction is to look for flights out of town. Sunshine or snowstorm, you’re gear is always packed and ready to roll – just in case. Whether it’s zip lining… Read more »

“Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream”

Good Sleep Is A Reachable Dream

What an interesting concept: good sleep is a reachable dream. On March 16th, The World Sleep Day Committee hosted its annual World Sleep Day event all over the world. The day marks a celebration of great sleep and also seeks to raise awareness surrounding sleep ailments and disorders. Sleep is important, but so many of… Read more »